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This Lose Weight-Be Healthy web site provides lot’s of great information about safe weight loss, long term health solutions, healthy nutrition, fitnessA site you can TRUST! and tested products for your health and happiness! . My name is Steve Benedict and this isn’t one of those automated web sites that  seem to dominate the Internet.   I write most of the articles you’ll find here. When I do invite a guest post, I check out every article before it’s published. In the About Me section, you’ll find my email address and background.  In this age of “rip-off artists”, I hope you’ll find this to be a site you can trust!

Sick of the diet roller coaster?

Losing weight is similar to a wild ride at an amusement park.  Great anticipation at the start, followed by a sick feeling when you get off.  Dieting has always been a mysterious carnival of emotions. Elation, hope, strength, power, along with feelings of disgust, anguish, despair and depression. If you’d like to stop the “Lose Weight” ride… and get off,  BOOKMARK this site on weight loss and good health, and send it on to people you care about! Here’s a web site that I believe will help change your life. Click here for more information: Strip the Fat!

Can I help you look like this?   Probably Not!

These people aren’t representative of the millions of body styles around the world. It’s not realistic to think we can all be like the photos above.  We all have different body shapes, rates of metabolism, bone structure and other factors that influence how we look. Your lifestyle, genetic heritage and physical capabilities have much to do with how you handle BMI or Body Weight Index,  and your ability to lose weight. For instance, I would love to work out 4-5 times a week. However, I have some physical disabilities that limit those opportunities. Does that mean I can’t lose weight? Of course not. I just have to be creative with my mobility issues and stick to my diet!

Do you hate web sites that insult your intelligence?

There are thousands of sites that promise INSTANT weight loss, FAST and EASY! Come ON!  If it were so fast and easy, why are there 750 million overweight people on the planet?

What I will promise on this web site is access to all the research I’ve found on weight loss and health issues..  I’ve spent a lot of time compiling and organizing my notes.  I’m writing the articles that I really hope will be of help to you.

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