Over the last few years, diet detox has come out of the closet. Detox has long been a “dirty word” that is most often associated with trying to kick drug or alcohol use. That stigma has prompted most people to shy away from the body cleansing aspect of detoxification for weight loss. For many years, most holistic medicine practitioners have been recommending some sort of internal cleansing, but hestitate to call it detox. Now, it’s common practice for many weight loss plans to call for a diet detox.

Too many toxins cause internal congestion.

Detoxification means removing and flushing away of harmful impurities, chemicals and toxins from the body. It’s a simple process and when our bodies get too congested by the presence of too many toxins, external help through a process called detox is needed to get the body back to health. This external cleansing process takes many forms including change in your dietary habits, medicines, fasting, herbal supplements, external aids, exercise, sauna, steam and drinking lots of water to carry off the toxins through elimination.

Weight loss takes longer without a detox diet.

A highly recommended program is The Master Cleanser (click here). Most trusted weight loss plans call for a detox diet. They may not use those exact words, but they do include the components in their plan. Without this diet detox, your weight loss usually takes longer and the results are not as satisfactory.

There are many natural ways to detox.

The body has several ways to flush out toxins. When you follow a cleansing routine, sweat and waste elimination are the main resources your body has to get rid of harmful toxins. Physical exercise, sauna and steam baths are the main sources of sweat. A detox diet also uses foods and juices that are easily digestible, and encourage elimination. I prefer a natural diet detox, as opposed to laxatives and diuretics, for healthy weight loss.

Don’t let your body become a toxin magnet!

To learn more about diet detox and it’s health benefits, visit a source like The Master Cleanser. They’ve compiled a comprehensive program of healthy information that aids digestion and keeps your body from being a toxin magnet!